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PayScale Pedals in to Bike to Work Month


PayScale digs Bike to Work Month. This should come as no surprise to those who know we are a Seattle-based, coffee-powered, organic kale-eating, recycling, tech-geeky-yet-athletic company with a love for the outdoors. We started Bike to Work Month today with 26 employees (including our CEO) signed up on three teams. Our goal? Bike to work as much as we can in the next 30 days.

“It was really exciting to go down to the bike basement today and see a bunch of new bikes. I bike year round and was happy to see that a bunch of new people are riding,” says Kaylyn, a customer service specialist and captain of a team named “Totally Spoked.”

PayScale employees’ commutes range from three miles (city kids) to over 30 (way over east). The competition between the teams is fierce. Prizes will be awarded for most number of miles biked as a team, as an individual, the greatest level of participation by the team and more.

We will keep you updated on our status and miles ridden as the month goes by.

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