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How Employee Referrals Facilitate Job Recruiting [infographic]


Many candidates land jobs by applying on career sites or job boards, but this Jobvite infographic outlines how employee referrals facilitate job recruiting; increasingly, they're helping companies fill open positions. While employee referrals made up just 7 percent of applications in Jobvite's research, that candidate pool resulted in a whopping 40 percent of hires.

Not only do employee referrals have a higher hire rate than candidates from other sources, they’re also hired faster — 29 days, compared to 39 days for job board applicants and 55 days for career site applicants — and are more likely to stay with the company for longer than a year. What’s more, employers seem to prefer referred candidates over traditional applicants in terms of their fit with company culture and overall cost.

What job categories are best for recruiting via employee referral? Sales, engineering, customer support, photography and marketing. Check out more revelations in the infographic below.

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