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Bennett Olson Beats Postgrad Job Crunch With a Promotional Billboard


To get a company's attention, jobseekers must sometimes resort to unconventional means. Take 22-year-old Bennett Olson, for example, who paid for an 8-second time slot on a downtown Minneapolis electronic billboard emblazoned with his website, his face and the words "Hire Me!" The ad rotated among several others for 24 hours.

The $300 gambit paid off: Olson recently accepted a job as a sales and marketing associate. "After receiving quite a bit of attention, support and ultimately interviews I felt that Laser Design & GKS Services was the right fit because they are a young, yet established company which will provide me with the opportunity to learn and grow my career," Olson wrote in an email to KARE 11.

Bennett Olson isn't the only jobseeker to purchase billboard space to seek employment. Pasha Stocking put up a similar advertisement along Interstate 95 in Connecticut that cost $7,000, but ended up founding a PR firm to help unemployed workers and other individuals advertise their services via billboard.

Would you ever buy an outdoor ad to get a job?

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