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Tidepool Tackles the Employee-Workplace Compatibility Conundrum


Tidepool is a breakthrough new service that provides visual assessments of individual work types to help companies hire candidates that are compatible with their culture. The site lists 60 work types, from "The Maverick" to "Freeverse Poet," and users select from a series of photos and activities to arrive at their work type. If this reminds you more of eHarmony than Meyers-Briggs, that's no coincidence: Tidepool cofounder Dr. Galen Buckwalter is the chief scientist behind eHarmony.

"The conceptualization of personality which I think is most well-established is the 'Big Five' (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism). We begin with the assumption that the 'Big Five' is real. Personality is an organizing principal of the brain. Pictures and your response to pictures will reflect your personality," explained Dr. Buckwalter to Forbes. "We then look at the work types as strongly influenced by your personality and by your interests."

The startup also offers a comparative feature that lets users visualize complementary and clashing work types. Tidepool CEO Kabir Sagoo believes that this understanding can improve employee relations and even help managers form more productive, effective workplace teams. Do you think Tidepool can make workforces more harmonious?

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