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Mobile Job Searching Sees Popularity Spike [infographic]


Mobile job searching is on the rise, according to a recent survey by Kelton Research. Some 86 percent of smartphone-toting jobseekers said that they would use their phone to find a job; nearly half reported that they would even apply to jobs via their mobile phone if they could.

This Jibe infographic shares additional Kelton Research survey data and reveals that jobseekers are increasingly using downtime to job hunt. Unlike traditional methods, mobile job searching can be done anytime and anywhere: Respondents specifically called out portability and immediacy as major benefits of applying to jobs via mobile.

What does the rise of mobile job searching mean for businesses? Some 100 million Americans own smartphones — a recruiting pool too big to ignore. Companies can attract these tech-savvy jobseekers by optimizing online job boards and making the application process simpler to complete via mobile phone.

Check out the infographic below. Would you ever search for your next job with your smartphone?

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