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Miami Marlins to Donate Ozzie Guillen’s Salary to Charity


The Miami Marlins has announced that it will donate the portion of manager Ozzie Guillen's salary lost during his five-game suspension to charity. The Major League Baseball team suspended Guillen after learning about an off-season interview he did with Time Magazine in which he said that he loved and respected dictator Fidel Castro. David Samson, the president of the Miami Marlins, didn't name a specific charity to benefit from Guillen's Castro remarks, but did indicate that it would be a human rights charity.

How much could such a donation be? It’s tough to say: MLB teams don’t have to disclose salaries for non-players. MSNBC estimates, though, that since Guillen’s salary is likely seven figures, his five-game suspension will rack up well over $30,000 in lost wages.

It’s been a charitable few days for the Marlins organization. Over the weekend, the team ponied up $50,000 to Shake-A-Leg Miami, $1,000 to the Miracle League of Miami-Dade and $4,200 to the Jackie Robinson Foundation. What do you think about the team’s charitable contributions?

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