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How Do You Commute to Work?


We’ve all read the stories about the relationship between a short commute and an increase in personal happiness. But how does it matter how we commute? Are people who take public transportation happier than drivers, or vice versa?

Actually, according to a study by Statistics Canada, people who walk or bike to work win the prize for happiest commuters. This isn’t terribly shocking, when you think of how stressful it is to spend your precious non-work hours stuck in traffic or crammed onto a bus with a bunch of other commuters.

If our recent Facebook poll is to be believed, most of you probably do not get much joy out of your commute. The vast majority either drove or took public transportation. Walkers took the third spot, with bicyclists coming in fourth.

We also had one vote each for commuting by cougar, jetpack, transporter, cheetah, and motorcycle. If we could somehow combine these five methods, we’re pretty sure we’d beat bicyclists in the race for happiest commuter. (Watch this space for emerging details on the jetcat portercycle, coming soon to a store near you.)

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