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Google Named Most Popular US Company


Apple may be the world's most admired company according to Fortune Magazine, but as far as Americans are concerned, Google is the most popular. A survey of 1,007 adults commissioned by the Washington Post and ABC News found that 82 percent of respondents had a positive opinion of Google and that 53 percent "strongly favored" the Silicon Valley juggernaut. Apple came in second, while Facebook and Twitter lagged behind in a distant third and fourth.

What drives Google to the top of the popularity charts? For most consumers, name recognition and user experience come to mind. From a salary standpoint, pay could also positively influence the company's public perception: mid-career IT employees earn a median of $141,000 annually at Google, compared to $112,000 at Apple.

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The perks at Google are similarly competitive with other IT employers. Famous for its lavish on-demand employee meals, the Google cafeteria now places a strong emphasis on healthy fare and overall employee health and wellness.

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Are you surprised that Google is the most popular U.S. company?

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