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Your Boss Is Afraid You’re Going to Upload That Video of Him at the Christmas Party


A recent study of 240 managers found that 51.2 percent are worried that employees will use video for nefarious purposes — namely, to upload embarrassing content to the internet.

Over 50 percent of the executives surveyed by business video provider Qumu expressed concern that workers would post “irresponsible content,” meaning anything detrimental to the brand and reputation of the company. Twelve percent of those polled confessed to being worried that employees would upload video of them from company parties.

Interestingly, zero percent of the managers who participated in the study said they had ever seen an inappropriate video posted, which leads us to believe that 12 percent are holding back some truly amusing holiday party footage.

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The Business Video Behavior Project examined employee-generated content in the workplace. The study also answered questions about who produces the most videos (CEOs at 51.4 percent), and the most interesting videos (non-management coworkers, 45.5 percent.)

Seventy-three percent of those polled thought that viewing employee-produced videos made them more productive, a statistic that will shock anyone who has ever received ten or more cat videos over IM while trying to make a deadline.

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