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Latest Telecommuting Statistics Reveal a Rise in Working From Home [infographic]


A recent study commissioned by collaboration software company Wrike reveals that more people than ever are working from home. Of the 1,074 respondents, 83 percent reported working from home for at least part of their workday in 2012; what's more, 66 percent believed that their office could be completely virtual within the next five years.

Employees value the option to work remotely over perks like free meals or company-sponsored cellphone plans. Over 30 percent said they'd even acquiesce to fewer vacation days or a salary cut for the privilege to work from home.

Wrike also found that 87 percent of respondents consider collaboration software like GoToMeeting and Skype "mission critical" or "important" for offices that allow team members to work virtually. Telecommuters, what tools do you prefer to use to stay connected to your colleagues while working from home?

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(Photo credit: Tony Keller/Wrike)

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