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Work Club Digital Agency Uses Pinterest to Find a Creative Director


The Work Club digital agency in London has created a Pinterest board to advertise its open creative director position. The board uses screencaps of Steven Spielberg-directed movies to illustrate the agency's growth and the position's roles and responsibilities. Film fans will recognize stills from "Jaws," "Jurassic Park" and "The Adventures of Tintin" in the board's many pins.

On the surface, the Work Club job ad on Pinterest might look like a creative gimmick meant to go viral. Diving deeper, however, the one-of-a-kind ad tells far more about the company and its ideal candidate than any standard listing could.

The Spielberg movie references give applicants a glimpse into company culture, but they also signify the agency's need for a stellar digital storyteller who can "spot, make and sell… epic ideas."

Earlier this week, we shared the pros and cons of job hunting with Pinterest. With its creative director pinboard, the Work Club proves that Pinterest can also be a useful recruiting tool for employers.

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