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Millennial Women in the Workplace [infographic]


Accenture released the following infographic on millennial women in the workplace to celebrate International Women's Day, and its findings reveal key insights into the future of work. For starters, Generation Y women have a far more positive outlook on gender equality in their office than women of other generations: 66 percent reported that they see visible female role models at their place of work, while 65 percent believed that women hold equal standing in the office.

Despite this sense of optimism, millennial women are less likely than men to speak up in the workplace, even when doing so might benefit them. Just 45 percent of Gen Y women said that they'd asked their boss for a raise, compared to 61 percent of men. Some 25 percent of young women avoid discussing their career progression with bosses, but 41 percent feel that they are underpaid.

Millennial women may be loath to discuss their career growth, but they count work-life balance, compensation and benefits as their top career factors. In fact, nearly 60 percent of Accenture's respondents indicated that they stayed at a job longer due to the company's policies on a flexible work schedule.

Check out the full infographic below; to dive deeper, read Accenture's 2012 Women's Research: The Path Forward report.

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