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3 iPhone Apps for Job Networking During Your Lunch Hour


Not all of us have the time or desire for job networking after the workday ends, but the following iPhone apps help you connect with people who can drive your career growth during your lunch hour. Why eat alone at your desk when you could be talking shop with an influential colleague or plotting your next career move with a big player in your city?

  • MeetMe (Free): The MeetMe app suggests meeting points that split the distance between your location and your colleague’s location. Once you select a spot, you can have the app email directions to all attendees.
  • LunchMeet (Free): LunchMeet ties in with your LinkedIn account and enables you to set available times and dates for networking purposes. You can also search for other LinkedIn users near you with similar availability to coordinate a power lunch.
  • (Free): U.K. users can meet fellow professionals for lunch with This social network, which also syncs with LinkedIn, takes things a step further by letting users decide who’s paying beforehand. If you offer to pay, a well-connected stranger has a nice incentive to meet you.

Do you use your lunch hour for job networking?


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