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Is College Worth It? Use Schools’ ROI to Help Decide [infographic]


The stagnant economy and weak job prospects have many students and prospective students asking the same question: is college worth it? The short answer, according to PayScale research, is that it depends. We crunched the numbers to find out, comparing net school costs to average 30-year earnings to calculate your tuition return on investment at almost 700 schools.

Read the full list of schools and their ROI here; if you prefer visuals, Online Universities compiled some highlights from our data into the following infographic. As you might suspect, students have the best chances to maximize their ROI by getting loan-free financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants and gift assistance to lower tuition costs. In addition, they should consider top schools and competitive fields of study to earn higher wages after graduation.

Are you surprised by any of the ROI data in the infographic below? Grads, how did your alma mater measure up?

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