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Friday Fun: Light Show at Century Link Field in Seattle


PayScale’s headquarters are located in the Pioneer Square neighborhood, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seattle. Not only are we lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful architecture, rich history, fabulous restaurants and nightlife but PayScale’s offices overlook Century Link Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks

San Francisco based director Jimmy Diebold had just one night to pull off his vision, September 6, 2011. Diebold found seven photographers via and with their help, and the help of cinematographer Adem Marsden, snapped a ton of pictures of the stadium lights from many different angles. The photos were then synced up with dubstep version of “Midnight City” by M83, remixed by PatrickReza.

After many sleepless nights from Diebold, the video below, entitled “Midnight Lights,” is the final product and has already been receiving attention from the national news sources and the NFL, including a Tweet from Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll.

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