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Retail Holiday Jobs at Gap


By Bridget Quigg

Are you looking for work this holiday season? Need a little more jingle in your pocket?

We went out on to the streets and interviewed retail workers at some popular retail outlets – RadioShack, Gap, Sephora and more – that are hiring this holiday season. We tried to find out what it's like to work at these stores and how to get hired.

Gap_hiringThis time, we bring you an interview with Kelly, a visual manager at Gap. She’s looking forward to the sparkle and shine of the holiday season, and meeting some new workmates.

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Name: Kelly
Job Title: Visual Manager at Gap
Degree: Bachelor’s

Q: What is your favorite part of working the holiday season?

A: The energy in the store. It’s super fun and colorful and energetic.

Q: What is the most stressful part of working during the holiday? How do you handle it?

A: The increased traffic is always going to be a little harder to deal with. Giving each customer the experience that they are looking for, despite being so busy.

Q: What is the most ridiculous thing that has happened while you were working during the holiday season?

A: Our big “lumi” (backlit) presentation behind the counter last holiday season featured a sequins jacket. It was part of our national marketing campaign but we didn’t carry it in the store. We had a big demand for the jacket and a lot of customers were insistent that we get it to them. That was unexpected.

Q: How did you get the job you have now?

A: I worked my way up. I stared as a sales associate, showed my drive and that will get you places. I am a visual manager, which means that I handle all the displays, merchandise, window and mannequins.

Q: What is your advice for people seeking work during the holidays?

A: Be persistent. I think there are jobs out there. Just don’t get discouraged. Also, I understand wanting to get higher positions but I think trying an entry-level job out and seeing what happens from there can work. That’s what I did.

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