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PayScale's latest feature allows you to compare pay, benefits and work environment for job at a specific company.   We'll walk you through this feature and show you how you can use it. 

Let's say you are interested in a job as a mechanical engineer at Ford.   These are the questions you’d have if you were looking at that job:

  • How well does Ford pay its mechanical engineers?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Are people at Ford happy in their jobs?
  • What about Chrysler? Or GM?

To answer those questions, we created a page for our users to drill down for a specific job at a specific company.


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Talent Competition

Just like Ford competes with GM to build cars, they also compete to hire mechanical engineers!  This is called "talent competition" and as an employee you might be surprised to see that who is hiring for your position.   Sometimes you’re just looking at companies, and not a specific job.  In that case, we still want to give you a view into the company’s culture and benefits.

Ford_competition (scroll down, to just below the Job Listings).

We’re showing Ford’s competitors to give you context.

Try it out

To try the feature out on your own, search for a company or browse the US Company List in the Research Center (you can view country specific companies by choosing your own country).   Choose the job you are interested in, and select "Compare Employers for this job title".    If you are looking to for a more detailed report that takes into account your unique skills and experience, you can consider taking the PayScale Salary Survey.

You can leave a comment here, or in our Research Center feedback forum.    Please note that we only show this data for companies and jobs where there are statistically meaningful results, and where we can confidently protect the privacy of our survey participants. 

Adam Phillabaum (@adamb0mb)
Senior Program Manager

Adam Phillabaum
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