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Working on the Royal Wedding Details


The words “royal wedding” bring up images of long, satin gowns, shiny shoes and fancy hats. Not to mention the crowds of onlookers, food stands and… a great, big mess.

That’s right. Putting on a royal wedding isn’t easy. Someone has to pay attention to the royal wedding details so that William and Kate can have a flawless day. Hundreds of workers will be employed to set up fences to keep the crowd contained, take photos and collect “rubbish.”

Which jobs are needed and what do workers earn for all of their efforts? According to The Daily Mail, police are earning double for their time, since April 29th is a bank holiday. That said, none of the supportive roles seem to earn much. We can only hope that, since it is a holiday for everyone in the country, even the private employees will get a princely bonus for working that day.

Before we get to the pay details for common event planning jobs, here are some answers from our team here at PayScale to the question: If you were working at the royal wedding, which job would you want and why?

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Tracie: “The cake decorator because it is the centerpiece of the reception.”

Zach: “A sniper on security because it feels good to protect people.”

Eliza: “A baker because I love to bake. They are doing a bride and a groom cake. It would be fun to be really creative with them. I could care less about the wedding, though.”

Tony: “Security because it’s tough. It would facilitate my tough-guy persona.”

Peter: “I would want to be the beer guy at the reception. They’re not allowing beer at the reception because it is a drink not befitting a queen. So, the beer guy doesn’t have anything to do. He has an easy job.”

Laura: “I would want to be Kate but I wouldn’t have a wedding, I would just elope. And, I would have married Harry not William. William seems pretty square. Besides that, I would want to be the one who decides what Kate wears. And, I would try on the shoes, dress and tiara, just to make sure that they fit.”

Sounds like a talented and hard working crew. Maybe they can help out at Harry’s nuptials one day.

For now, here is our list of likely wedding day jobs and UK salary information for each.


Event Planner

Truck Driver, Refuse

Security Guard

News Reporter


Fashion Designer


Tour Guide

Taxi Driver

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