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Auto Detailing Jobs – Auto Detailing Business Owner Profile


Job Title: Auto Detailing Business Owner
Where: Bellevue, WA
Years of Experience: 30
Current Employer: Bradleys Detail of Bellevue
Education: Bachelor of Arts, University of Washington
Salary: Research median owner operator salaries and salaries for auto detailing jobs.

Auto Detailing Jobs – Auto Detailing Business Owner Profile

What is it like to run your own successful business? In this Salary Story, the owner of a luxury auto detailing business shares some of the challenges and rewards of owning a business. Information on starting a auto detailing business, managing auto detailing jobs, and the daily tasks of an owner operator are all included.

PayScale: What is your owner operator job description?

Owner operator of luxury auto detailing business. My job includes day-to-day operations of a company that specializes in polishing, waxing and shampooing of vehicles. I am responsible for the marketing, hiring, training and management of my workforce. I am also responsible for quality control.

PayScale: What was your path toward starting a auto detailing business?

When I was in high school my father purchased a luxury European automobile. I was so amazed at the car that I went to work at the dealership. I was eventually given the opportunity to be trained as an auto detailer. I started my first auto detailing business my first year of college.

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PayScale: What do you love about being an automotive business owner?

I love meeting so many different people. I am still amazed at the before and after results of our service. One time a person brought in a high-end sports car that had badly faded red paint. After spending a whole day refinishing and polishing the paint, we made it look new. The customer was so excited he called several of his friends right from the shop to tell them how good of a job we did and to tell them to get their cars to us now!

PayScale: What are your biggest challenges as the owner operator of an auto detailing business?

The biggest challenge in operating an auto detailing business is training the crew. Everyone needs to be on the same page as to what is expected for the finished product. Quality control and an eye for detail are extremely important.

PayScale: What advice would you give to someone interested in starting a auto detailing business?

Do your research on chemicals and products before you start. You need to use the best products available to produce perfect results. I wish someone had told me just how hard it is to manage a crew of detailers from different backgrounds.


PayScale: Do you recall any crazy moments from your auto detailing jobs?

One of the craziest things we ever found were the dirty disposable diapers found under the seat of a high-end Mercedes.


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