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Where to Look for Student Summer Jobs


College tuition is up so both high school and college students need summertime work to pay the bills. But, student summer jobs are tough to find. There’s a lot of competition for work in this down economy. With older, more experienced workers happy to take a pay cut just to earn some cash, competition at hotel, resorts, amusement parks, summers camps and other summer destinations is higher than ever. What’s a student to do?

You can always start by searching PayScale’s job search tool. Use “summer” as your search keyword and you’ll find listings for summer school teachers, office assistants, laborers and more.

I’ve also checked the internet to find other websites for finding student summer jobs. Below I’ve listed some sites where you can get ideas about where to apply – even this late. Job Monkey has summer jobs in Alaska listed and USAJOBS gives you an inside track to getting federal government work – both good options depending on what you’re interested in.


Do You Know What You're Worth?

What sort of work are you looking for? Cruise ships, summer camps, a dude ranch or theme parks? Keep in mind that talking to your parents and their friends is a great way to network and find a job. You can also just approach businesses in your hometown and ask about their needs and if you could help them out. Tell them what you’re good at and what you’re interested in. You never know – an in-person introduction can make a great, positive impression.

And, as always, we here at PayScale, want to keep you informed about what you ought to be earning. Check out the list below of typical summer jobs and what they pay. Good luck!

Amusement Park Attendant


Daycare Teacher


Campground Attendant

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