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Marry for Money! Advice for Ali on “The Bachelorette” TV Show


How does someone pick their partner for life – great looks, a quick mind, a generous heart, deep pockets? Ali on “The Bachelorette” TV show has an impressive group of men with lots of good qualities to sort through. How will she decide?

Online salary database decided that her suitors’ charms may be misleading and that Ali should maybe consider what these adoring gazers do for a living and what earnings they can bring home long term. Once they move out of the mansion, will they be taking her to a comfy, clean home they can afford or a friend’s extra room in the basement?

It turns out that some of these guys rake in the big bucks while others have lower-paying gigs – including her first impression rose winner, Roberto. Then, still others have jobs that are tough to nail down salaries for, like Justin the "entertainment wrestler."

We looked at their job positions by location, estimating their years of experience according to how old they are and how long they’ve likely been out of college and working. Below we list both their job position as they describe it and then how we matched it to PayScale’s data.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Keep in mind, Ali quit her job as an advertising account manager at Facebook to pursue love. If Roberto ends up being her favorite, low salary and all, she may just truly be following her heart. He is handsome and kind. If she doesn’t marry for money, who can blame her? Do your thing, Ali.

# Bachelor Bachelor's Job Title PayScale Job Title Hometown  Median Total Compensation
1 Phil Investment Manager Investment Manager Chicago, Ill. $ 122,736.00
2 Craig R. Attorney Attorney Philadelphia, Pa. $ 93,395.00
3 Ty Medical Sales Sales Consultant, Medical Sales Franklin, Tenn. $ 88,458.00
4 Chris H. Real Estate Developer Real Estate Project Developer (Commercial) Vancouver, B.C. $ 80,906.00
5 Jay Attorney Attorney Barrington, R.I. $ 80,109.00
6 Derrick Construction Engineer Project Engineer, Construction San Diego, Calif. $ 76,705.00
7 Derek Sales Manager General Sales Manager Los Angeles, Calif. $ 73,557.00
8 Jason Construction Consultant Project Manager, Construction Broomfield, Colo. $ 69,546.00
9 Chris N. Entrepreneur Owner, Small Business Winter Park, Fla. $ 66,099.00
10 Hunter Internet Account Executive Account Executive San Antonio, Texas $ 62,741.00
11 Steve Sales Representative Outside Sales Representative Cleveland, Ohio $ 57,789.00
12 Craig M. Dental Sales Dental Sales Representative Toronto, Ontario $ 57,264.00
13 Frank Retail Manager Retail Sales Manager Geneva, Ill. $ 57,225.00
14 Kasey Advertising Account Executive Account Executive San Luis Obispo, Calif. $ 57,055.00
15 Kirk Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Madison, Wis. $ 54,620.00
16 John C. Hotel Business Development Business Development Associate Issaquah, Wash. $ 51,862.00
17 Jesse General Contractor Construction Contractor Kansas City, Kan. $ 51,317.00
18 Chris L. Landscaper Landscaping Designer Cape Cod, Mass. $ 50,365.00
19 John N. Engineering Software Sales Inside Sales Representative Kansas City, Mo. $ 49,964.00
20 Jonathan Weatherman Meteorologist Houston, Texas $ 49,741.00
21 Tyler V. Online Advertising Account Executive, Advertising Milford, Conn. $ 43,041.00
22 Tyler M. Catering Manager Catering Manager Austin, Texas $ 42,452.00
23 Kyle Outdoorsman Hunting and Fishing Guide Colorado $ 38,518.00
24 Roberto Insurance Agent Insurance Agent Charleston, S.C. $ 35,461.00
25 Justin Professional Wrestler Stage / Theater Actor Toronto, Ontario $ 28,210.00

Source: All data provided by online salary database Salaries listed are median, annual salaries by location, with the years of work experience equivalent to the approximate number of years post-college for each bachelor, based upon his age. Salaries include any bonuses, commissions or profit sharing.

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