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Computer Systems Security: A Secure Field with Potential


Where are your bank account numbers, home address, social security number, birth date, bank balances and other top secret information stored? Maybe in your desk drawer. But, these days, they are likely also somewhere out in cyber space being sought after by hungry hackers. Fortunately, a whole army of tech savvy computer security specialists are working to keep your information safe. And, they are getting paid well to do so. Would you like to join their ranks?

Computer security specialist is a booming career. It’s expected to grow at least 30 percent by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And the pay is fairly recession-proof, too. According to a recent article on titled, “IT Security Salaries on the Rise: Study,” 53 percent of the computer security specialists surveyed by non-profit security professional organization (ISC)2 received a salary increase in 2009.

How does a computer security specialist keep information burglars at bay? They not only plan and maintain an organization’s information security; they likely also educate users about computer security, install security software, monitor networks for security breaches, respond to cyber attacks, and, in some cases, gather data and evidence to be used in prosecuting cyber crime. Computer security specialists need to have excellent problem-solving and analytical skills. There are certifications you can get through product vendors, computer associations and other training institutions that will move you up the computer security job ladder faster.

As we always like to do on the Salary Reporter, let’s see what computer security specialists can earn according to If you work in this field, please leave a comment on how well you like your job.

Computer Security Specialist

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Security Administrator, Computer Network 

Computer Security Coordinator

Computer Operations Specialist, Data Center

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