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Banking and Finance Jobs – Assistant Branch Manager


Job Title: Assistant Branch Manager

Where: Montreal, Canada

Years of Experience: 2

Education: Bachelor of Commerce

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Related Experience: Financial Service Manager for 3 years; Customer Service Manager for 2 years.
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Banking and Finance Jobs – Assistant Branch Manager

With the banking industry still in recovery mode, many recent graduates are wondering if a career in finance is the best choice. For those interested in banking jobs, there's good news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics – although banking and finance jobs are expected to grow more slowly than jobs in other industries, the number of local branches is expected to increase along with demand for more branch managers and tellers.

In this Salary Story, we get to hear first-hand from an assistant branch manager about what banking jobs are really like. If you're interested in a career in finance, this interview provides a banking job description and describes some of the challenges and rewards of working in a banking career.

PayScale: What is your assistant branch manager job description?

am responsible for a team of seven customer services representatives and five financial
service managers. I am responsible for their hires, coaching, balancing,
guiding them through their careers to pursue different goals in their
lives. I also am the person who is in charge of balancing and auditing the
branch, auditing mutual funds, ordering cash for the bank,
verification of all reports produced, and selling related products to
clients. Client retention is a big part of my job as well as increasing the
share wallet.

PayScale: What were your steps toward becoming an assistant branch manager?

started as a customer service representative, and from there I found out that
I really enjoy customer service. This led to another position that
existed at that moment which was problem resolution. I started coaching people on what I knew so we would all have the same
harmony. After a few years I was chosen to become assistant branch manager to
open and operate the only branch in Canada that opens seven days a week.

PayScale: What do you love about your banking career?

Customer service and coaching. The most amazing reward is when you see that the people
that you coached are recognized from the company with rewards of best in
customer service. Also, when I see one of my staff promoted to a higher career
movement. This not only makes me happy and rewarded from my job, but also so
proud. Clients that I deal with day to day who appreciate our service.

PayScale: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your job? 

and firing people. Scheduling is challenging for sure if you are dealing with
students all the time. Firing people not an easy thing to do, but at the end
of the day, it works well for both sides. Don't work in something that you
know you will not grow in. You either enjoy customer service or you don't,
so choose what you like to do the best to become the best.

PayScale: Do you recall any crazy moments from working in the banking industry?

started a branch from scratch; I and the manager had to empty over 25 boxes of
brochures and put everything in order before the opening day. I had seven out
of eight in our team who were new to that career and they had no idea of
what to do. Today, if I had to redo it all again, I would not hesitate for a
second. This was a life experience that not many people have in their careers.

PayScale: Any advice for those who want to work in banking and finance jobs?

would say to people that, when considering a career like mine, you have to listen
and have sympathy for others; your title will not matter – you are no longer an
individual you are just part of the team. If the team wins you win.

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