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Hotel Careers – Hotel Manager Salary


Job Title: Hotel Property Manager
Where: Jasper, Alabama
Years of Experience: 3
Other Relevant Work Experience: Desk Clerk
Education: West Limestone High School graduate
Salary: Use PayScale’s Research Center to find the median hotel manager salary.

Hotel Careers – Hotel Manager Salary

“I clean anything that needs to be cleaned, fix anything that needs to be fixed, and I work non-stop from 8:00am until 11:00pm.” Managing a hotel is a tough job, but the reward of helping a diverse group of guests, and their kind words of appreciation, help offset long hours and often thankless work. In this Salary Story, an Alabama-based hotel manager shares an inside look at how challenging hotel careers can be. Learn why the most important qualifications to be a hotel manager might just be determination and a willingness to work 15-hour days. 

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PayScale: What is the job description of a hotel manager?

Alissa: Hands-on running of the hotel, working first and second shift on the desk while doing laundry and attempting to make sure everyone is doing what needs to be done. The hotel manager is responsible if housekeepers do not do a good enough job in the least amount of time un-humanly possible. The manager is responsible if not enough rooms are sold daily or if things aren’t in perfect condition. I have to report to the owners every little detail three times a day and I have reports that have to be filled out and e-mailed to them every day with the same information that I called them with. I am expected to do all of this while maintaining a clean and inviting area so as to not, by any means, have a paying guest walk out or decide to stay elsewhere. I clean anything that needs to be cleaned, fix anything that needs to be fixed, and I work non-stop from 8:00am until 11:00pm. I pretty much am expected to work every waking moment and that still seems to not be good enough.

PayScale: How did you begin your hotel manager career?

Alissa: I thought I would be able to prove to others that I am good for something. 

PayScale: What do you love about your hotel career?

Alissa: I absolutely love working with the public and meeting their needs. I love the people I meet. I love the feeling of success when a guest commends me on the good work I am doing.

PayScale: What are the biggest challenges you face as a hotel manager?

Alissa: Everything! The fact that I work and only work all day every day is a huge toll on my physical and emotional well-being.

PayScale: What advice can you offer to someone in your field?

Alissa: Make sure that you aren’t getting into a situation that is good for the owners yet horrific for you. Make sure the money is good and the hours are at least somewhat decent. Do not get stuck in a place that eliminates your whole social and family life!

PayScale: What are some interesting moments that you’ve experienced as a hotel manager?

Alissa: You see some REALLY off the wall things in a hotel….

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