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Need a Job? 10 Places That Are Hiring Right Now


With so many headlines about slow hiring and economic troubles, your job hunt may start to feel like searching for a four-leaf clover. In Death Valley. In August.

But many companies are stable and looking for talent. Some are even expanding. In fact, when asked which of the big companies are hiring, BountyJobs CEO Jeremy Lappin had this encouraging answer: “All of them.”

“Even companies in the most pain are hiring,” he says. “They’re just doing it more selectively. Really, truly talented people are always in demand.”

10 Examples of Companies Hiring: Looking for Employees:

Places that are Hiring: Google
“Googlers” enjoy stock options, gourmet cafeteria food and on-site massages. The company has hundreds of jobs listed for its 27 locations in the United States, including Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

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Places that are Hiring: Ernst & Young
Accounting firms provide crucial bean-counting services when money is tight. Ernst & Young, named a top employer by Fortune, Working Mother, and Diversity Inc., has jobs currently open at various U.S. locations.

Places that are Hiring: Big Fish Games
This Seattle-based company, which develops, publishes and distributes online games, has multiple open positions. Peter Anderson, vice president of human resources, credits changing consumer behavior for the company’s current growth. Online games are much less expensive than going out to the movies, for example. “If you do your research, you will find these funny, hidden little gems that expand rather than contract in bad economic times,” he said. “It’s a growth industry — and a lot of fun.”

Places that are Hiring: Guardian Life Insurance
Wall Street woes could mean a wealth of finance-savvy job candidates for this New York company. These advisers work with clients to find insurance plans that best suit their needs – not only life insurance but also health, dental, 401K plans, and more. Guardian has 100 offices around the United States.

Places that are Hiring: Microsoft
It takes an army of software developers, product managers, editors and lawyers to keep Microsoft going. While the recession prompted a review of hiring plans, according to a Microsoft spokesperson, the company still anticipates adding thousands of new jobs. “We will continue hiring the talent we need to ensure our ongoing success,” the spokesperson said.

Places that are Hiring: Alpine Access
This company, which provides phone-based customer service, tech support, and collections calls for clients like J.Crew and Office Depot, is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, but its 7,500 employees all work from home.

Places that are Hiring: Live Energy, Inc.
Deregulated energy in Texas means that businesses can shop around for the best prices on electricity. Dallas-based brokerage Live Energy, Inc. provides energy advisors who help clients get those low prices. Since electricity is “undeniably recession-proof,” company co-founder St. Clair Newbern IV said Live Energy is expanding and plans to add new people to its sales force throughout the state.

Places that are Hiring: Novartis
Thanks to the success of its vaccine against human papillomavirus, this Swiss company is expanding operations in the Boston area, adding people to a vaccine research facility in Cambridge. All told, the drug company has more than 500 jobs open at locations in the United States.

Places that are Hiring: Facebook
If you’ve recently been “friended” by people you haven’t seen in decades, it should come as no surprise that this social networking company is thriving. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Facebook has six other U.S. offices and dozens of job openings. As the company explains on its site: “We’re looking for dynamic people that get excited by big questions and unsolved problems.” Is that you? Confirm or ignore.

Places that are Hiring: Meetup
Online social networking is great, but sometimes you just want to meet face-to-face. The web site, based in New York, helps more than 2,000 groups of people get together in real life in their own communities. Meetup has dozens of jobs available for software engineers, testers and bilingual customer service agents. (Parlez-vous Francais? Then apply tout de suite.)

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Hi i need your i’ve being looking for a job for a long time tea lady,domestic worker or receptionist

Uber Lurker
Uber Lurker

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David C Smith
David C Smith

I was forced retired about 6-months ago. I have a computer background but not interested in going back into that field. I need a job within the next month. my bills are piling up..Help


I av husttle all about for job but I never get because it it very add to get although am driver and av my ND at mapoly so I need the job urgently now


Yes Cindy, it has helped me get my foot in the door. I have both iaap and tnaoap certs and I thought it was useful to build my resume while looking. I


This really is an interesting article, it’s not easy to find a good job in todays business environment. I’m an administrative professional and was wondering if you guys think that professional certifications like tnaoap certifications are useful? Has it helped anyone get a job?

tonya burch
tonya burch

just got lay off my job of 27 years and l been really look for me a job but it so hard l am got so stress out so one pleas help me

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