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Name: Lina Pacelli

Job Title:
Coordinator, Health Sciences

: Bridgeport, Connecticut

: University of Bridgeport

Years of Experience:

Quinnipiac University, double bachelor, BS in Business, BA in History.  MBA with a concentration in Health Care Management, and an additional Graduate Health Care Compliance Certificate.

Annual Salary:
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Coordinator of Health Sciences for the University of Bridgeport Lina Pacelli loves her job. In this Salary Story, Lina discusses the educational path she took to become a Health Sciences Coordinator, and the rewards and challenges of careers in science and public health. For those who are also looking for health care management, and health science job opportunities, Lina recommends working at a University, and also in a role that will allow you to get away from your desk for part of the day.

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Lina: So my title is Coordinator of Health Sciences, and I answer to the Vice-Provost of Health Sciences. One of my duties is to “get out there” and promote the health science clinics to Bridgeport and its surrounding communities. I do this by reaching out to the directors of each agency (senior centers, community centers, catholic centers, etc). I schedule meetings with them, and then introduce myself and our clinic programs.

Our programs offer health care at a reduced fee, as well as quality and affordable health care for a small fee.  At a time when so many are uninsured or under-insured, this is significant. A child can get his or her teeth cleaned for five dollars.  I am very proud of the services provided by the University of Bridgeport, and have made it my mission to introduce these clinic services to as many community places as possible.

I also provide day-to-day administrative support to the Vice-Provost. The University of Bridgeport is located in the South End of Bridgeport, Connecticut. The campus is right on the shore, with Long Island clearly visible. The University of Bridgeport is good for the city of Bridgeport, as it enhances the inner-city neighborhoods by making improvements and ameliorating the life of the residents living nearby.

PayScale: How did you begin your career in health care management?

Lina:  I got started quite by accident, lured by Quinnipiac University and its policy to give employees and their children free tuition. As a result, I have earned two bachelors, a masters, and a certificate.

I have been employed at universities for 13 years. First at Quinnipiac University, where I worked and earned all of my degrees, and second at Yale University where I worked as a research administrator Third, I came here to the University of Bridgeport, as the Coordinator of Health Sciences.

PayScale: What do you love about your job in  health care management?

Lina: I love the challenge of working here at the University of Bridgeport. I enjoy not being tied to my desk and getting out in the community and meeting so many people. Everyone is very respectful and they make me feel my work is of value. The university is enjoying tremendous growth! This is happening at a time when all other universities are laying off employees, cutting programs, and are basically panicking about the economy. This university is forging ahead with new programs, and as the Coordinator of Health Sciences, I will be involved in all these exciting new ventures.

PayScale: What are the biggest challenges you face in health care management?

Lina: It is difficult to reach every community agency in the area, although I do work hard to do so. It is also difficult to quantify the number of patients that actually decide to use our clinics–so that I can place a number on my community outreach efforts.

PayScale: What advice can you offer to someone trying to find  a health-science job opportunity?

Lina: It is great to work at universities, much better than the corporate world, there is more humanity.

: Could you tell us about some interesting moments that you’ve experienced during your health care management career in Science and Public Health?

Lina: Be prepared emotionally to handle sad situations that communities are facing. One day I walked into a soup kitchen where they served breakfast and lunch to about 200 people—and this number is growing. It was sad to see so many poor people. This experience deeply touched me.

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