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Jobs with Good Vacation Plans


For some folks, time off from work can be just as important as salary. Fortunately, there are careers that allow you to take more time off than the average Joe who might get two weeks. In fact, some careers offer two to three months off. Jobs with good vacation plans are out there, you just need to know where to look.

However, increased free time often comes with increased risk. If your idea of a fun vacation is being paid, and having a job to come back to, some of these options may not be for you.

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Freelance Software Developer

One job with a lot of flexibility for time-off is software developer. Presence on the web is becoming more vital, so all types of industries rely on tech savvy professionals to handle special projects. According to our PayScale research center, the average salary for an experienced software developer is over $80,000, with hourly rates for self-employed developers of $40 per hour.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Word of caution: to get the free time, you have work on a free-lance or contract basis. This kind of work is better if you don’t have a mortgage, college tuition, or other fixed expenses. A friend of mine went this route, but he effectively never takes a vacation, since he never turns down a project.

When you are self-employed, you never know when the stream of income will dry up. Perhaps he will take a vacation when his kids are out of college, and his mortgage is paid-off. 🙂

School Teacher Salaries and Vacation

It’s no secret that teachers get quite a bit of vacation time. They usually get about 3 months off to travel, visit family or go into therapy (depending on the kids they taught that year). Even with the summer off, K-12 teachers can earn an average salary of $40,000, with experienced teachers earning $55,000 or more.

Getting a teaching job is becoming easier these days. In many schools, you can actually start teaching before attaining your education certification. If you work in another field, moving into teaching is easier than you might think. Some school districts have recruitment programs designed to help professionals gain education certification.

How Much is a Fashion Designer Paid?

Got an eye for fashion?  You could have your career sewn up as a fashion designer. These artsy folks work in a very competitive field, but can usually take time off when they want to, as long as it isn’t just before the big fashion weeks.

Fashion design programs at schools such as The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising can help you break in with internships at design houses. Depending on where you work, the average salary for a fashion designer ranges from $35,000 to $70,000 per year or more.

Resorts + Vacation = Jobs Chef

if you enjoy cooking, consider working as a resort chef. Unlike typical chef jobs, these jobs are seasonal, so you can take a lot of time off, whether you want it or not 🙂 In fact, work may seem like a vacation. Touristy places like Florida, Colorado and Hawaii use seasonal chefs with culinary degrees to impress travelers. The pay is not enormous, about $28,000 per season, but you get free room and board, and some employers offer to pay for culinary school classes.

Start a Home Business as a Freelance Paralegal

Did you know there are freelance paralegals? An acquaintance of mine, a stay-at-home mom, enjoys the flexibility this vocation allows her. More law firms and corporations are hiring freelance paralegals. You can take vacations when you want, and don’t have to worry about passing a bar exam.

Of course, being a freelance paralegal means you are basically running your own business. That said, a self-employed or contract paralegal can earn $17 per hour ($35,000/year) with more paid for various certifications and specialties. You can also charge a premium fee for rush work, thus earning more by working less.

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