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Men’s NCAA Basketball First Day: Salary picks 12 of 16


Quick update: our bracket picks based on university alumni salaries were 12 of 16 on the first day of the NCAA Division I Men’s Championship. The wrong picks were a mix:

  • USC’s ($91,900) loss to Kansas State ($60,100) was a shocker, both based on salary and basketball rankings
  • We called the Brigham Young ($78,000) vs. Texas A & M ($77,100) game a toss-up, because the pay was so close (<2% different), so that Texas A & M ended up winning was not a surprising
  • University of Georgia ($66,000) almost pulled off the upset over Xavier ($60,500)
  • While it looked for a while like University of Arizona ($73,600) would upset West Virginia University ($63,400), in the end basketball prowess trumped university alumni typical salaries

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Al Lee

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