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Men’s NCAA Basketball Second Day: Salary picks 22 of 32


Second day update: the PayScale bracket picks based on university alumni salaries (30 to 40 years-old) were 10 of 16 on the second day of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. The total correct picks are now 22 of 32 games (69%).

In defense of university graduates’ pay as a predictor of NCAA Basketball tournament success, the NCAA seeding committee only picked the right winner two more times, for a total of 24 of 32 games (75%).

  • The biggest surprise based on graduate salaries was Vanderbilt University ($83,400) losing to Siena College ($60,200). Oh, this was a surprise based on NCAA seed (4 vs. 13) too 🙂
  • Some of the other wrong predictions base on alumni salaries, like over Indiana University ($68,500) over University of Arkansas ($62,800) and St. Mary’s University ($78,600) over University of Miami ($73,500), were not really that strong, since the differences in pay are less than $6,000

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