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Meeting Icebreakers: Put a Little Pep in Your Meetings

The truth is, most people hate meetings. However, fun little meeting icebreakers can go a long way to lighten the mood, alleviate tension and help you get down to business.

Edible Meeting Icebreaker: Let Them Eat Cake
Or cookies. Or fruit. Or … anything. Food is a great meeting icebreaker to help people push through the mid-day slouch and thank them for attending your meeting. 

High Tech Meeting Icebreaker: Break the Ice with PayScale Meeting Miser
A fun and unexpected activity at the beginning of a meeting can focus attendees and help them forget about their ever-expanding to-do list. Go around the room and have everyone introduce themselves, say their title and tell a story about the funniest or longest meeting they ever attended. As they say their title, have the person taking meeting minutes enter each job title into a fun meeting cost tool, PayScale Meeting Miser.

Energetic Meeting Icebreakers: Get the Blood Flowin’
The longer you sit, the harder it becomes to pay attention and absorb information. Break up long meetings with a few jumping jacks or a parade around the building. Not only will you get the blood pumping, you’ll probably get a few smiles as well.

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Inspirational Meeting Icebreaker: Show & Tell
Have people show or tell about something that inspired them during the week. It could be anything and doesn’t have to relate to the job. Maybe it’s a beautiful photograph or a story in the news that was particularly uplifting or unusual. 

Free Meeting Icebreakers: Just Mix It Up
A change of scenery can also create a shift in attitude. If you have a small meeting and it’s a nice day, take it outside. If the meeting is long, change the format (small groups, Q&A, lecture, etc.) at least every 20 minutes to keep the energy level up.

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