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For those interested in IT jobs and careers, you might be wondering if it pays better to work in the U.S. or in a foreign country, particularly with all the press about outsourcing and globalization.  According to, an Indian web site, IT jobs in India are seeing salary increases.  They quote a 2007 salary survey that says the average Indian software worker saw a salary increase of 18.7% in 2007; an improvement over the 18.3% increase reported in 2006.

This was a nationwide survey reportedly performed by IDC India that reportedly survey 2,806 IT professionals. They then contrast those numbers to the U.S., which reportedly saw a base salary increase of 2.7%, according to India might sound great until we note that the average U.S. IT salary is $71,988, and the Indian rupee is only 40 cents to each U.S. dollar.

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Australia IT Jobs

Down under, Australia IT jobs are thriving, according to  Salaries have reportedly increased 11.54% over the past 12 months, according to a new survey by Australia’s largest IT recruiters, Greythorn Group. According to the report, “a project manager in Melbourne can expect to earn around (in US dollars) $126,000, compared to $87,000 in the US.”

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“A business analyst in Canberra or Melbourne, Australia could earn $95,000 compared to $84,000 in the US and $92,000 in the UK. A .Net developer in Brisbane, Australia could expect to be paid $91,000, compared to $117,000 in the UK and $64,000 in the US (ouch!). A C++ software engineer in Sydney can earn $83,000, $84,000 in the US and $102,000 in the UK.” So the good news is, we sqeak them out in C++ software engineering.

IT Jobs in the UK

In jolly old England there was a salary slump in 2006 for those working IT jobs in the UK, as reported on According to a 2006 Skills Survey, the percentage of UK IT workers earning less than 40,000 pounds grew to 56 percent, compared to 44 percent in 2005; there was an increase of 8 percent in the “below 25,000 pounds” range. Hmm. the pound is about twice the dollar right now, so if you made 30,000 pounds, that’s about $60,000 American dollars.

Current Vacancies For IT Jobs UK

Things started to look for IT jobs in the UK in 2007, reported that salaries for permanent positions increased by 2.6% on average; the first increase in five quarters. Average pay rates for freelancers also increased by 2.6%. Some freelance IT jobs in the UK increased really well: systems analysts gained 8%, from 38 pounds per hour to 41 pounds (about $82 an hour in US dollars). Programmers went up by 19%, from 31 pounds to 37 pounds.

IT Jobs in Singapore reports that IT jobs in Singapore are seeing an increase in salary, particularly for those employees who have Microsoft certification. Professionals working IT jobs in Singapore earned an average salary equal to $41,500 American dollars. IT management specialists earned an average salary of $61,167, project development executives took home $48,05 annually, while system developers were the lowest paid, earning an annual salary of $32,902.

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