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List of Salaries for Careers (that stand the test of time)


While I often focus on "hot" jobs, like software developer, MSN Careers recently produced a list of stable careers that they claim will always be there. These jobs are not always glamorous, or even a dream job description, but they are consistent over the decades, and in some cases, centuries. For those looking to play it safe from trends, here is a list of salaries for careers that stand the test of time.

As long as there are germs, diseases and fatty foods, doctors will always be in demand. According to the PayScale Research Center, the median medical doctor salary varies according to specialty and locale. For instance, pediatricians’ salaries in Georgia average out to a median salary of $117, 250. Not bad pay for a job that has been around since the ancient Greeks and before.

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Teacher Salaries by State

No matter how hard the doctors try, they will not put morticians out of business anytime soon. Morticians in Minneapolis do well, with a median salary of $48,476. In Atlanta, your friendly neighborhood mortician earns a median salary of $38,780.

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Back in the land of the living, we’ll always need teachers. If we take a look at K-12 teacher salaries by state, we find that elementary school teacher salaries are the highest in California and New York State; both have a median salary of $44,954. On the lower end of K-12 teacher salaries by state, elementary school teacher salaries take a dip in Texas, where the median salary is $38,311. Elementary school teacher salaries are even lower in Florida, with a median of $34,964, but those jobs will always be there.

Average Job Salary: Scientists and Barbers

We’ll always need scientists to find cures for diseases, or at least discover a new low calorie chocolate. A research scientist in biotechnology, with less than a year of experience, earns a median salary of $56,522; not bad for just starting out. For those braniacs with more experience, say 5-9 years, the median salary is $65,942. This profession definitely pays to stick around; with 10-19 years of experience, the median salary is $75,363, and 20+ years will net you a median salary of $83,841.

It’s not rocket science, but we’ll always need barbers. Barbers earn median salaries of $26,500 to $33,100, depending on work setting and employer (e.g., hotel, barbershop, etc.). These salaries do not include tips, a known big plus for the hair care trades. People will always need a barber, unless they are foolhardy enough to try to cut their own hair.

Heavy Equipment Operators Salaries Public Works

Civilization will always rely on construction workers. There is a lot of variation in annual income, depending on contract type, commercial vs. civil (road) vs. residential construction, union or not, etc. Median salaries of $40,250 to $70,500 or more are possible.

I’ve saved the most glamorous career for last. A waste disposal manager gets rid of everything we don’t want. Annual salaries vary from $28,000 to $62,000 or more, depending of the scope of the work and location.

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