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Office Administrator Salary: For a Native American Tribe & Freelance Graphic Designer


Job Title: Office Administrator & Freelance Graphic Designer
Name: Ginni T.
Employer: Native American Tribe 
Where: Prescott, AZ
Works: 40 hrs./wk for the Tribe + between 10 to 40 hrs/wk freelance
Salary: Office Administrator Salary: $13/hr Freelance Graphic Designer Salary: $40/hr
Years of Experience: Office Administrator – 30+, Freelance Graphic Designer – 12+, Writer 40+, Artist 40+
Education/Degree:  AA Behavior Sciences, 52 additional hours toward bachelors for a major in sociology, minor in English and journalism. Computer classes and graphics software training.

Office Administrator Job Description:

As an office administrator, I provide support for six departments. My job involves a high level of expertise in using Microsoft Office, databases, and graphic design. The departments I provide support for are Contracts, Environmental Protection, Environmental Health, Grants, Housing and Planning. Currently I am working on two design projects; one on wildlife and the other an informational booklet for obtaining resources and support for those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Freelance Graphic Designer Job Description:

As a freelance graphic designer, I do all manner of graphic designs, write copy, write grants, instruct grant researchers and teach program basics. I design logos, business cards, brochures, design and write newsletters, rewrite and edit other’s work. I am also a notary public.

As an Office Administrator, what do you love most about your job?

What I love most about working for a Native American people is that when I go to work I’m literally going to a different country – that’s right down the road. The job also offers a lot of variety and I am permitted to use many skills and abilities normally unrelated to the basic job description.

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As a Freelance Graphic Designer, what do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my freelance business is that I meet people from all walks of life: dance instructors, political candidates, charitable foundation members, author’s and artists to name a few. It also provides me with a practical and profitable outlet for my creative talents.

Making peach wine out of politics

We have a very prolific peach tree at our house. Recently, one of my clients currently running for political office and his wife were leaving my home office and she spotted our peach tree loaded with peaches. With each project they brought over, she would ask about the peaches. Once the peaches were ripened they brought over bags and boxes and picked more than 40 pounds of peaches. She has borrowed an old stoneware crock of my mother’s and is in the process of making peach wine which she will share.

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