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Salary Christmas Story: Santa Claus


Payscale recently found a real Santa Claus who gave us this exclusive salary story.

Name: Santa Claus
Job Title: Toymaker
Where: The North Pole
Years of Experience: Over 1750 years of human experience
Salary: Volunteer
Employer: Self

Santa Claus Job Description:

Maker and deliverer of toys and joy to good children of all ages.

When did you get the idea to start delivering toys?

The tradition of giving began with St. Nicholas in the 3rd century when he would give a dowry to poor girls in the community in order to allow them to marry and improve their lives. The idea of giving toys to children of the world started when I began getting help from the elves at the North Pole early in the 18th century.

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What is the funniest request that you’ve had from a child?

They range from the little girl who asked for a step stool so that she could reach the sink, to a boy who wanted an ugly bull dog, to another who requested a tree frog. Santa also gets requests which are more serious. I have been asked to bring a lost parent back or cure a sibling of an illness; these requests have to be handled with careful words.

Often in these circumstances, Santa will present the child with a special bell from the harness of a reindeer, so that some hope can be instilled. However, since Santa is but a toymaker, he cannot bring back a lost parent or sibling. He does offer his prayers and love from himself and the reindeer, along with the knowledge that when the bell is rung it is heard by those who have been lost.

With so many toys and games kids can play, what’s the most requested Christmas gift?

This year, young boys are into the Lightning McQueen pedal car and other characters from the Cars Movie. They also have trains, trucks, power rangers, and Legos on their lists. They also like funny Christmas songs.Young girls are asking for American Girl Dolls. Also Princess Castles, Tinkerbell Tree Houses, and make-up. Older kids mostly ask for electronics such as Game Boys, D S games, Computers and Ipods. Also, a lot of musical instruments are on their lists. Video games kids can play are always high on the list; some want photos of Santa Claus with reindeer.

What are you doing the other 364 days of the year?

Well, you won’t find Santa dancing around the North Pole, my time in the off season is spent developing and making new toys, it’s like toys r us at the North Pole sometimes! I also travel around the world checking up on the behavior of children. This is in order to keep my naughty/nice list up to date.

Is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer still working with you?

Rudolph is still an important member of my reindeer team. He is not always required on Christmas Eve, however if the weather is bad, he is always at the head of my sleigh, just like in the Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer song.

What do you like most about your job?

Most of all, I enjoy visiting with the children before Christmas, hearing how they are getting along, if they are doing well in school, if they are listening to their parents, and if they are treating others with respect.

Any favorite Holiday specials?

I like most of the depictions of Santa in the special edition holiday movies. The Miracle on 34th Street will always be a classic. The Santa Clause and Santa Clause 2 movies are important because a lot of today’s children get an idea of what Santa is really like through movies. The most recent movie [The Escape Clause] is troubling to me because it portrays Santa and Mrs. Claus having a baby. Santa has no children of his own, and considers all of the children of the world to be his children. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!!

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