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Average Salary: Welfare Investigator Job


Name: Anonymous
Job Title: Welfare Investigator
Where: Elizabeth, NJ
Education:  BA in Philosophy from Bryn Mawr, Magna Cum Laude and MA, ABD in Philosophy from Georgetown University, Departmental Honors
Years of Experience: 2 years in this job
Salary: $37k – welfare investigators just got a 2% raise!
Employer: State of New Jersey, Child Welfare

Welfare Investigator Job Description:

I work for an organization called the Office of the Law Guardian (OLG) in the State of New Jersey. I’m teamed up with a lawyer who is a part of the Public Defenders office and we represent children in child welfare, including children in foster care. My welfare investigator job duties include assisting in the representation of these children by interviewing their caregivers, sometimes teachers, therapists, and other people in their lives and to summarize my findings in reports. My investigator job also involves explaining to individuals some aspects of the law, helping people better understand the legal process for children in the court system. Occasionally, I have to testify in court, which is definitely not my favorite part of this investigator job.

Why did you choose this welfare investigator job?

After working in academia for a long time, I wanted to do a job where the fruits of my labor would have some effect on the world. Work that would make some measurable difference. In this welfare investigator job, I’m actually able to help people.

What do you love about your welfare investigator job?

There are some people who are happy just sitting in a cubicle. I’m not one of those people. As an welfare investigator, I’m not trapped in an office all day. I have a lot of freedom to work independently and make my own schedule. Also, people are fascinating. A lot of times it’s heartbreaking but it’s never boring to be an investigator. The people I see and talk to, the places I go are different everyday. I get to use my writing and analytical skills to uncover ways of attacking a problem or a situation from different angles. I’m also constantly learning about different aspects of child welfare, from medical and psychological to legal issues. If you love learning new things every day at work, then an welfare investigator job might be right for you.

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